Sun on the horizon, wind turbines in front.

Transformation and growth — the climate-neutral and sustainable economy

“The move towards a cli­ma­te-neu­tral and gene­ral­ly sus­tainable eco­no­my requi­res a far-rea­ching chan­ge in eco­no­mic structures.”

In its Annu­al Eco­no­mic Report 2022, the Fede­ral Govern­ment of the Fede­ral Repu­blic of Ger­ma­ny out­lines the need for eco­no­mic trans­for­ma­ti­on while main­tai­ning growth, pro­spe­ri­ty, secu­ri­ty and soli­da­ri­ty. The aim is to achie­ve a social-eco­lo­gi­cal mar­ket eco­no­my. Accor­ding to the Annu­al Eco­no­mic Report, the cur­rent eco­no­mic sys­tem does not ade­qua­te­ly pro­tect glo­bal goods.

The “cli­ma­te trans­for­ma­ti­on” of the eco­no­my is seen as an eco­no­mic oppor­tu­ni­ty for growth and employ­ment and is sha­ping the work of all poli­cy are­as. Cen­tral topics are:

  • CO2 pri­cing
  • Digi­ta­liza­ti­on
  • Coal and nuclear phase-out
  • Mas­si­ve­ly expand rene­wa­ble energies
  • Rene­wa­ble heat, ener­ge­tic reno­va­ti­on of buil­dings and ener­gy saving
  • Buil­ding a hydro­gen economy
  • Making mobi­li­ty climate-friendly
  • Cir­cu­lar economy
  • Bureau­cra­tic deregulation
  • Make public fun­ding, invest­ments and sub­si­dies more sustainable

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